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I wrote this back in August at Vancon for [personal profile] ponderosa to while away the incredibly long but also very worth it wait to get Jim Beaver to sign her laptop. I probably should've been more ashamed to meet him again just after writing porn about his character than I was. ^^'

Pride Pulled Like Stitches
Supernatural. John/Bobby. NC-17. ~1500 words.
"It's written all over your face, Singer."

"Then I guess I don't need to say it then, do I?"

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Dear Supernatural,

Baby, just so you know, if you kill Chuck, we're breaking up.

With fickle love,

I... I think I would write porn for Chuck. So adorable. :x
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How Much He'd Bleed
Supernatural. Sam/Dean. NC-17. ~1900 words. For 'sleepy/unconscious' on my card from [community profile] kink_bingo.
Sam knocks the side of his fist against the basin and moves before his mind clears.

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This is the fourth(ish) installment of what Team Porn has now dubbed Ordeals 'Verse. The first three(ish) are:

1. A Nice Day to Start Again
2(ish). He Ain't No Prince
3. Not the Only Man She Sees

The evil twin did an awesomely thorough beta on this one, but in my tweaking (as usual), there are probably some stray typos. Or missing words. They're there in my HEAD, OKAY.

The Seldom Seen Kid
Supernatural. Sam/Dean. NC-17. ~10,000 words. Co-authored with [personal profile] ponderosa.
"You get all the best curses."

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Huge, massive, really quite insanely sizeable thanks go to [ profile] fleshflutter and [ profile] stormcloude for jumping in with awesome beta work--any typos or missing words or weird things like random moose on the side of the fictional road are a product of my endless tweaking.

Evil twin, iluvu, even when school eats your life.

13 months in 6 minutes
Supernatural. Sam/Dean. R. ~3800 words. S4.
"For what other reason are you here, if not to save him?"

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Cherry Bomb
Supernatural. Sam/Dean. R. ~800 words. Hooker!fic.
The first year of college, Sam figured out there were just some things you couldn't run from.

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One Minute Promises
Supernatural. Sam/Dean. NC-17. ~300 words. In response to the blindfold_spn request for Sam/Dean in Playthings, episode 2.11.
One minute, he's promising a wasted Sam, Yeah, sure, no problem and the next-

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Slip me another
Supernatural. Sam/Dean. NC-17. ~400 words. A blindfold_spn request for one of the boys drunk/drugged.
Dean should be shot.

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Hands and Mouth
Supernatural. Sam/Dean. R. 200 words. For [ profile] supernatural100's prompt 'cut' (22). 4.14 coda.
Dean is all the things his hands do.

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Thank you, Show, for providing me with enough fodder to last me through to August.

I now how five (five!) fics on the go at once. Oh. Show. You do me so right.

I need a new mood. Opium.

EDIT: Comments are not spoiler-free!
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Supernatural. Sam/Dean. NC-17. ~1300 words. Dubcon. A pinch hit for ayan_desu on spn_j2_xmas. As always, many thanks to [ profile] ponderosa121 for helping to whip this into shape.
It started with Sam's smile carved into the meat of Dean's heart.

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Before I crash for the night, [ profile] ponderosa121 and I collab'd on another giftfic for the spn_j2_xmas exchange on LJ. Follow the links below!

Supernatural. Sam/Dean. R. ~2600 words. Written by [ profile] blue_soaring, Illustrated by [ profile] ponderosa121.
Standing up, Sam pulls a cloth out of his back pocket and cleans off the knife.

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So my grand total for things witten in blindfold_spn is 25k in 28 assorted fics and ficlets. It's going to take me a long, long time to claim all those. XD

What I'm really happy about is how freeing it was. And I don't mean kink-wise, I don't have any shame anyway. I mean as a writer, just picking a prompt, putting down whatever comes to mind and not worrying so much over structure, flow and readability (though I did that a lot, too). For me it turned into an exercise of what I can do, what I can't do, how quickly can I do it and how do I draw the reader into a snapshot moment.

They weren't all successful. That's totally not the point.

My only question is: When's the next one? XD
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Smoke Signals
Supernatural. Sam/Dean. NC-17. ~8300 words. For kitsune13 on LJ as part of the spn_j2_xmas exchange. Thanks to [ profile] ponderosa121 there's an incredibly awesome extra treat (image, not worksafe = yay, Team Porn)! Enjoy! :3
Sam and Dean, a lawyer, a stripper, and a monster of the week all walk into a bar....

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Jan. 8th, 2009 08:57 pm
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Run, do not walk, to blindfold_spn on LJ right now. It is awesome, everyone is awesome, there's so much awesome.

I've written about 8000 words in responses to this thing already and it just KEEPS GETTING BETTER.
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I think my fingers are hungover.

Holidays are AWESOME. Up until, like, yesterday, all I did was laze about, and then a random comment to the evil twin produced about 8000 words of something SPN. Win. Now I don't feel like I've completely wasted all this possible writing time.

I do have [ profile] spn_j2_xmas over on LJ to post sometime over my break, too. As does the evil twin, which is made of so much yay it's insane.

In other news, if I take one step to the left, I may very well fall down the black hole of a comic fandom. Tony Stark makes me do bad things.

And now, the point. I claimed this for [ profile] kinkfest and failed utterly on getting it ready in time. The prompt was phonesex. This is like, striptease phonesex.

All you can do
Supernatural. Sam/Dean. NC-17. ~1000 words. Phonesex!
I wanna know what makes you go off so quick all the damn time.

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The evil twin has a crush on JDM. This is me hastening her already rapid skid down that slippery slope. >:D

Everyday Feels Like Sunday
RPS (Supernatural). Jeff/Jared/Jensen. NC-17. ~7700 words. Fisting.
There's something in hearing Jensen answer the door, welcoming Jeff into their house that makes his heartbeat skip.

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Number three in what is quickly becoming the sequel!verse, as we keep writing sequels to sequels to sequels. Oh, us.

1. No More Room in Hell, Boys, John/Sam.
2. Where the Devil Sleeps, John/Dean.

One in the Same
Supernatural. Sam/Dean. NC-17. ~4800 words. Mentions of prior John/Sam and John/Dean.
It'd be easy to punch his brother right in his saucy mouth.

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Tell me what you like to see in fic, and for once, I don't actually mean (just) porn. I mean things that Sam and Dean do that are AWESOME.

Examples! Dean steals first shower all the time. Sam knows exactly how Dean likes his coffee. In fact, when Dean makes his own coffee, it doesn't taste half as good as when Sam gets it, even if it's fresh-brewed versus stale gas station sludge. Maybe Dean pops a stiffy every single time Sam pulls off some smooth as silk B&E. While Sam is perfectly capable of packing his own damn duffle, thank you very much, Dean's got this habit of doing it for him anyway and maybe Sam doesn't mind so much.

Anything and everything!

I want things that you love seeing them do, or imagine them doing, or want to see them do and fair warning, I'm going to put them in fic at some point. Yes, yes, I am. I feel like wallowing in the joy that is SamandDean. Wallow with me.

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I wrote this weeks ago and never got around to posting, mostly because I was busy writing other stuff, heh. Canon's since killed a couple details, but this is me, not caring. Sure, I could edit, tweak, toss in the new ideas. Instead, I'm going to save those to write MORE fic. And hurt Dean EVEN MORE the next time around. MWAHAHA.


Just Breathe
Supernatural. Sam/Dean. NC-17. ~2200 words. Wishful thinking for a missing scene in 4.04.
When Sam hesitates, he says, "Again," because he's going to fucking well make this body remember what it means to be Sam's brother.

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