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NEW LAYOUT! Which accurately reflects my zomg obsession with wonderful and delicious people! .o/ \o. \o/ My evil twin, WHO ALSO HAS AWESOME NEW LAYOUT RIGHT HERE, she is so good to me, yesyes.

And now, ficlet. For [personal profile] windsorblue, who asked for Walter in the kitchen with Timothy Leary. I <3 Walter and his spicy addled brains.

Where the Magic Happens
Fringe. Walter & Astrid. PG-13. ~400 words. Walter being Walter.
In the words of every Hollywood FBI agent ever, she so did not get paid enough for this shit.

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A matching set of ficlets for [personal profile] ponderosa, who asked for Tony/Neal crossover goodness, and for [personal profile] nekofreak, who asked for delicious White Collar threesomeness. At that point, I really couldn't help myself. :D

A Magnificent Stroke of Genius, Or Something Like It
Iron Man, White Collar. Tony/Neal, Neal/Peter/Elle. NC-17. ~1650 words.
Peter seemed suspicious. Neal really should've known better.

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For [personal profile] wystii, who asked for Logan/Remy and gave me free rein. >:d

Nights Run Long
X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Logan/Remy. NC-17. ~550 words. Biting/bruising. Post-movie.
"Nights run long in New Orleans," Remy says, and rolls onto his back, baring his belly to the scrape of Logan's teeth.

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The first of the requested New Years drabbles ficlets! I... failed to realise how very close the new year was when I offered to write these, but I'm so happy I managed to get something done for everyone. :D

For [personal profile] cypher! ♥

The Problem with Turnabout
Boondock Saints. Connor/Murphy. R. ~650 words.
"And what's that supposed to be?" Connor asked, giving Murphy's frayed zip a pointed look. "A polite suggestion?"

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