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This has been languishing on my desktop for months and months. Thank you, My Chem, for providing me with the most awesomest title ever. :D

Kiss My Battery
Iron Man (movie). Tony/Jarvis. NC-17. ~3000 words. Sorta masturbation, sorta self-cest, sorta really not.
This was the next logical step in the evolution of Iron Man, but that didn't mean he hadn't been dying to do it for years. It was one hell of a good excuse though.

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I promised this to [ profile] the_haust ages and ages ago to go with the omfg so delicious artwork posted here. The atmosphere, zomg. It kills me it's so good. :x

Waiting for the Sharper Sting
X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Victor/Logan. NC-17. ~2600 words. Watersports. For 'watersports' on my (not abandoned!) [community profile] kink_bingo card.
'54 dumped them smack in the middle of Toronto's postwar boom.

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I honestly think I may have broken something in switching from Adam's glittery headspace to Daken's. OW.

Gasoline and Matches
Marvel. Daken/Venom. NC-17. ~2400 words. Tentacles. For 'bondage (other)' on my [community profile] kink_bingo card.
Mac is the most interesting fuck he's ever had. Definitely the most interesting thing he's ever controlled.

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This weirdly turned out kinda like your usual domestic love triangle. Just, you know, with two psychopathic serial-killer assassins and one cannibalistic alien symbiote. *hands*

Psychokiller Two Step
Marvel. Daken/Mac/Lester. NC-17. ~3400 words. Dubious consent (Daken). For 'consent play' on my [community profile] kink_bingo card.
Unlike Daken, Lester doesn't care for subtle, and somebody's going to notice that blood pool come morning.

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I've wanted this pairing for freakin' ever. Possibly it was just Anna Panquin making eyes at Hugh Jackman. Surrogate father/daughter relationship, riiiiiight.

Also I am stupidly happy the evil twin has some time to beta again. Wee!

Sass and Sparks
X-Men movieverse. Logan/Rogue. NC-17. ~3400 words. For 'leather/latex/rubber' on my [community profile] kink_bingo card.
He wonders when she figured him out.

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Some days I don't know if I want to nuzzle Logan or his endless supply of fuzzy flannel shirts. [personal profile] cypher, thank you so much for all those tasty musics. *_*

Drowning on Dry Land
Marvel movieverse, X-Men & Iron Man 2. Logan/Tony, implied Victor/Logan. NC-17. ~4000 words. For 'animal play' on my [community profile] kink_bingo card.
Tony wants to know what he tastes like out here, if he's sharp as the whiskey he sometimes drinks or gritty like the wind, last-chance bittersweet.

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Shameless clubfic, shameless ganking of Lady Gaga for a title. It's very appropriate. :d Also, warnings. There are lots of them. Pretty sure I covered all the bases.

The Fame Monster
Marvel. Daken/Bullseye. NC-17. ~2800 words. Dubious consent (Daken). Contains homophobic and misogynistic comments a la the unreliable psychopathic serial killer assassin narrator. For 'confined/caged' on my [community profile] kink_bingo card.
Sooner or later, everybody's going to die. He's looking forward to being the one who shoves a knife straight through one of Daken's pretty eyes.

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So anytime Daken sleeps with anybody, it's pretty much dub-con. The only time I'm going to even consider believing it's entirely consensual is if the other person is in a gasmask. Ahar.

One More Notch
Marvel. Logan/Daken. NC-17. ~2300 words. Dubious consent (amnesia, Daken). Set during Wolverine Origins #38.
He swings his leg over the old gearshift to kick Logan's foot off the gas. "Give me a good reason why we shouldn't."

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I tried to fit this in on [personal profile] cypher's tentacle poll, but there was no option for the tentacles being the one all, don't -- stop -- don't -- stop -- don't stop~

Dub-con tentacle porn with a mild gore chaser does not describe what this is AT ALL. Daken is all his own warning. And so is Venom. So. Mostly consensual he totally made me do it ooh it wriggles how nice porn? IDEK. *hands!*

Follows the events of Sinister Spider-Man, specific canon knowledge of such not really required.

How to Embrace a Swamp Creature
Marvel. Daken/Mac. NC-17. ~4100 words. Tentacles. Mild gore. Dubious consent. This is so not what it says on the tin. Post Sinister Spider-Man.
This would be so much easier if Daken could talk to the symbiote directly.

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Edit: Internet, if you don't cough up a torrent for Origins 47 soon, you and I are gonna have words. Got it now! :D
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How to make Logan hotter: add slinky psychopathic son. ♥ New banner to celebrate! \o/

Hold Hands and Fight
Marvel. Logan/Daken. NC-17. ~4500 words. Incest. Dubious consent (a la Daken). For delicious visual reference, Pond's Get a Grip, NSFW.
Logan's attention is what he wants and he's got it, undivided and pure.

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This is so wonderfully shameless. \o/ I've never done a remix before but omg, it was stupidly fun. And shameless. :D

Bad Celebrity Influence (the Once More with Feeling remix)
Marvel. Tony Stark/Steve Rogers, Tony Stark/Teddy Altman/Billy Kaplan. NC-17. ~6600 words. A remix of [personal profile] ponderosa's Bad Celebrity Influence, found here.
If someone had asked exactly six point five seconds ago, Tony would have said that of the two people involved in this conversation, Steve wasn't the one fooling around with clever innuendo.

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Right off the Rails
Marvel (Iron Man). Tony Stark/Steve Rogers. NC-17. ~2000 words. Spanking! Written for Porn Battle IX.
Tony's still pretty sure the dirty little fantasy playing out in his head isn't going to come true. Almost one hundred percent sure.

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I have a new fandom. It's called Robert Downey god damn motherfucking Jr.

The Whole Package
Actor RPS. Robert Downey Jr./Hugh Jackman. NC-17. ~2100 words. Implied poly. Written for Porn Battle IX. A photoshoot for a movie I so very much want Marvel to make.
Hugh manages to hold it for one more click of the shutter before he grins, his entire face changing, his eyes brightening with a shine no one could fake.

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Ahem. Porn! :D

Iron Man. Tony/Steve. NC-17. ~4600 words.
"With wild and crazy abandon," Tony said, and grabbed him around the waist to yank him close like a black and white picture hero. "Hold on tight."

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This fic makes me so HAPPY.

Written for a prompt on /coq/ based on this comic panel. Yesyes, I know, technically this verse doesn't exist outside of the comic books yet. But 2012 is way too long a wait and I can totally plunk Captain America in Iron Man movieverse if I want to. Which I do. So I did. FOR AMERICA. :D

ALSO. AS THE EVIL TWIN REMINDS ME. Tony is so very totally working on Steve's shield in the movie, it's there, on his worktable, so HA.

For America
Iron Man. Tony/Steve. NC-17. ~5000 words.
"Tony, for the good of the country, we should get married."

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A matching set of ficlets for [personal profile] ponderosa, who asked for Tony/Neal crossover goodness, and for [personal profile] nekofreak, who asked for delicious White Collar threesomeness. At that point, I really couldn't help myself. :D

A Magnificent Stroke of Genius, Or Something Like It
Iron Man, White Collar. Tony/Neal, Neal/Peter/Elle. NC-17. ~1650 words.
Peter seemed suspicious. Neal really should've known better.

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For [personal profile] wystii, who asked for Logan/Remy and gave me free rein. >:d

Nights Run Long
X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Logan/Remy. NC-17. ~550 words. Biting/bruising. Post-movie.
"Nights run long in New Orleans," Remy says, and rolls onto his back, baring his belly to the scrape of Logan's teeth.

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And now, porn. My excuse is Tony.

Quality Assurance
Marvel movieverse (Iron Man, X-Men). Tony/Remy. NC-17. ~3800 words. For 'aphrodisiacs' on my [community profile] kink_bingo card.
The syringe was loaded, ready and waiting on the low coffee table beside the spread of cards and scatter of half-empty bottles.

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Dear god, I KNOW. Face meets palm.

In the Upright Position
Iron Man/Transformers. Tony/Starscream. PG (for metaphorical sexin). ~800 words. For round nine of IJ's porn_battle.
"I believe that was a challenge, sir."

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Tony really does look good on everybody.

A Trained Professional
Marvel movieverse (Iron Man, X-Men). Logan/Tony. NC-17. ~4700 words. For 'virginity/celibacy' on my [community profile] kink_bingo card. (As I type this, I die laughing. Die.)
If they'd been in the field, Tony might've been worried.

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