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The Unimaginative Ingenuity of the Common Man
Sherlock Holmes. Holmes/Watson. NC-17. ~7,000 words. Steampunk AU.
Despite the testament of his empty wallet, Watson still tended to favour the long odds.

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My brain is still all over the place. I have about a dozen WIPs, which is bizarre and strange, and my unsettled work schedule is making it close to impossible for me to sink into a POV and write. So I am slightly stressed! \o/ Really minor c'mon Blue it's not a big deal stressed.

Have a remix! My first ever official-ish one, even. My smush is showing. :D

The Effects of Proximity: The Sleight of Hand Remix
Sherlock Holmes. Holmes/Watson. NC-17. ~1500 words. Asexuality. Remix of [ profile] lace_fic's The Effects of Proximity.
"His permission to take such liberties has been granted a hundred thousand times over, what Watson believes his body is saying should not contradict it.

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The evil twin didn't actually help me co-write this one (though as always, she is my wonderfully beleaguered beta), but she shamelessly encouraged my smush so she gets half blame-credit anyway. Oh my god, my mush is so showing. AND IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. :x Healthy relationships for the win?

Also, I woke up stupidly early this morning. I feel very @_@.

Gay Hollywood Life Partner, Whatever
Actor RPS. Robert Downey Jr./Jude Law, Robert Downey Jr./Susan Downey. NC-17. ~8500 words (wot). Poly.
Of course being fucked by Robert is exactly like being his friend.

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Related: I feel ridiculous posting warning spoilers for works that have existed for approximately one hundred and twenty years. It feels like the equivalent of saying, 'Oh wait guys, don't panic. Jesus'll totally be okay.'

Unrelated: I have a new iMac. It arouses me. Sexually.

The Sinking Ship of Self
Sherlock Holmes. Holmes/Watson. R. ~4000 words. Fusion of book and movie 'verse. Spoilers for The Final Problem and The Empty House. Written for [personal profile] giandujakiss's incredibly generous donation to [ profile] help_haiti. Thank you so much for letting me help out! :D
Three weeks after Watson takes up his new residence, Holmes breaks in.

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Bound to Happen
Sherlock Holmes. Holmes/Watson. R. ~2100 words. Spontaneous Holmes genderswap. Written for Porn Battle IX.
It was of no matter either way. He knew exactly what course of action he must embark upon. "Watson! Watson!"

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Porn Battle makes me stupidly happy.

Ball and Chain
Sherlock Holmes. Holmes/Watson. R. ~1400 words. Contains movie spoilers. Written for Porn Battle IX.
Watson's only regret of the moment was that he couldn't risk the kiss he so wretchedly wanted.

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I've been playing in Porn Battle IX for the last four days! \o/ Usually with timed challenges like this, I end up picking prompts I normally wouldn't look twice at (because oh yes, fic is such Serious Business, yeahright) and I get a bit lazy since I don't have time to poke and prod and editeditedit.

Not so much this time! Well, a little, but only because the former is kinda fun and the latter really does have a time limit, so. Also, premature ejaculation. The only time that wouldn't be fun is something I never have to deal with, because ahar, I don't have a cock (or shame). :D

[personal profile] ponderosa gets heart-shaped cookies for beta'ing her little butt off. :3

If you're coming in from LJ or IJ, remember you can use OpenID to leaves comments so I can stalk you back know who you are! :D If you don't have one already set up, here's how.

Jump the Gate
Sherlock Holmes. Holmes/Watson. NC-17. ~2700 words. Premature ejaculation. Rimming. Written for Porn Battle IX.
Once Watson regains the power of speech he isn't at all certain he wishes to utilise it.

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I ♥ my evil twin so epically.

Change of Plans
Sherlock Holmes. Holmes/Watson. NC-17. ~3800 words. Pre-movie. Co-produced with [personal profile] ponderosa. Embedded image NSFW.
"Gently, gently!" Holmes rocked nearly up onto his toes with the force of it, his hand grabbing in a most satisfying way at Watson's forearm.

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Also, time's almost up for you to bid on 2000 words of Sherlock Holmes 2009 or Jude/RDJ fic by me at [ profile] help_haiti. :3
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Team Porn, circa 1882. :D [personal profile] ponderosa is flexing her fantastic art muscles over in her journal with 'It is Probable', Holmes & Watson, G, which she tells me is in a style called art nouveau and I say is called fabulous.

Games of Chance
Sherlock Holmes. Holmes/Watson. PG-13. ~1750 words. Pre-movie. Two-sided UST and shameless innuendo.
He had no idea how to go about telling Holmes he'd lost the rent again.

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