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The worst part about being home sick (aside from the y'know, sick part), is that it gives me way too much time to make with the thinky-thoughts.

Everybody knows by now that I visit the set of Supernatural whenever I get the chance, right? Because really, my show is awesome, the people who make my show are awesome, and if I get to hang out on the fringes and soak up all that awesome, it's a good day.

But. There's been Talk (no, not on the internet talk). And it's pretty much sucking all the fun out of hanging around the set like a dog sucks marrow out of a freakin' bone. Slurp, gone.

Background: there was that one chick who jumped Jensen at a con, right, nobody forgot that. There was also a PA who, in a fit of utter DUMB, tried to sell a SPN script on eBay. Firsthand, I've seen fans scream and yell and ignore polite requests to shut the hell up while they're filming. I've seen PAs ask that people not take pictures but people do it anyway, then post them all over the place like paparazzi in training. I've seen idiot girls sneak into the director's tent (or whatever it's called, because no doubt they have a fancy name for it like they have a fancy name for everything) and stand behind the freakin' director to stare over his shoulder at the monitors. This is all very, very stupid, yes? And the list goes on, yes? Yes.

Obviously, I don't do that shit. And I'd say a good chunk of the people who've ever been on set haven't, either. But it's pretty clear that it's pissing the SPN peoples off (if you have to ask why, I'mma smack you with a spoon). PAs being short-tempered, the boys' bodyguard worrying himself up an ulcer, etc., etc., and really, the whole point of this is that IT'S RUINING MY FUN. My show is supposed to be cool, easy, relaxed, not warily eyeballing any and all passersby wondering if they're going to whip out the fangirl equivalent of an uzi.

I'm sure this bitching is compounded by the fact that I haven't been running in about a week and my tummy is trying to kill me.

In conclusion, I'm a giant dork and all I want to do is hang around and wave at people and chatter with them and generally be dork-like in my dorkish but endearing enthusiasm. This is my sad dork-face that people being dumb ruins that for me. See? ._. Sad.
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We went to the Cactus Club last night to celebrate my quarter-centennial. And sorta like Jared, the only thing I can think is hey, I can rent a car on my own now, SCORE.

But, see. The Club. Has the bestest bathrooms ever. Like, seriously. I know you people down in LA or whatever are going to scoff at the awesomeness of the Club's bathrooms, but. There are leather couches and LCD televisions set into the walls, the stalls are like, five by five with floor to ceiling clouded glass walls that are freakin' backlit, so if someone is only a couple of inches from the glass, you can see their shadow.

These bathrooms? Were made to have sex in.

And I sorta kinda maybe really like burning want to write a fic where Jared has Jensen shoved up against the inside of one of those stalls and is just going to town on him.


[edit] Aha. 2k in. Anybody want to offer themselves up as a beta? XD

Oh man.

Sep. 7th, 2007 08:31 pm
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Right now? I am DYING for some Supernatural. New eps, fic, pics, another freakin' set visit, ANYTHING. It's driving me BONKERS.

I'm also sitting on four SPN fics of my own, so this is most likely contributing to the STARK RAVING MAD.

...and the capslock abuse. Ha.

[edit] Well. Hokay then.

So, I'm downloading some tidbits that [ profile] dragyn helpfully uploaded (helpfully in that way that your dealer is helpful), and there are adds. Specifically, this one add about calculating the name of my perfect lover. BUT THAT IS ENTIRELY BESIDES THE POINT. The point is, it wants me to choose my gender by clicking on a little pic.

My gender choices?

Random white-haired anime chick and... Heero Yuy.

My gender could be Heero.

I pimp.

Aug. 19th, 2007 09:30 pm
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Escapist low-pressure panfandom RP for the win!

Brainchild of the lovely [ profile] fleshdress and [ profile] emeraldgreen, [ profile] seasidecafe is open for applications (which are thankfully small, not-painful things). I'm inordinately excited, because it seems like the sort of setting where you can really crawl into a character's head. Just thinking about how a character could end up there has spawned a couple of vague bunny-shaped things ito gnaw on my elbows.

I are happy. :3

I'm also playing with my new mood theme because I are a dork (and awash with evil twin loff). But a happy dork.


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