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If you're looking for my fic, the tags at the end of this entry will take you to pretty much everything I've ever written. If it's not there, it's at Idle Hands. I hope.

Rufus/Reno, Farther than Guns:
Modern World
Edge of Charm
Catch the Sun
Stark Pretty
Obstacle 1
No Authority
The Latest Toughs
-Skipping out on the Midwinter party (gloryhole), evil twin.
-Sparks Are Gonna Fly (sloppy seconds), evil twin; include flashbacks to First Time.
-Apocalypse (object insertion), evil twin.
-Reno and Rude at the Bee, evil twin.
-Rufus and Tseng at Gold Saucer, me.
-Post-apocalypse, me.
-Giving gifts, evil twin.
-Creme Caramel (double penetration), evil twin.
-Fire from Water, me.
-Misadventures in dating, me.
-Reno and Rude on the job, me.
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We're all going to pretend that this hadn't been originally planned as a [ profile] stagesoflove entry (which was a) all her fault to begin with, b) not my fault at ALL that I failed miserably at completing it way back when, and c) didn't involving coercing her in any way to heavily edit this), and it's instead a very appropriate birthday gift for the evil twin. Who is the bestest evil twin that ever uh, evilled. Or porned, for that matter.

Happy birthday, [ profile] ponderosa121. I <3 you madly.

Quiet Minutes Pass
FF10. Auron/Braska. R. 5x100 words. Based on the Stages of Love: Five Senses challenge.
He considered it punishment.

Read me. )
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Honestly. Absolutely impossible. I have two (two!) done, and they're about 1300 words combined. Drabbles, my (numb) ass.

Without my desk and comfy chair, writing is somewhat - and by somewhat, I mean majorly - uncomfortable. Keyboard-on-lap and ass-on-floor is good for awhile. And then things start to go numb and suddenly Reno and Rude screwing the life out of Rufus just isn't enough.

...which makes me sad, because guh.

But here, have what I managed so far. For [ profile] peach_ponta, who wanted seme!Al and ended up with slightly-unhinged!Al, and for the evil twin, who talks about this kinda thing daily and I just needed an excuse to post.

Surgeon General's Warning: Reading anything that contains the subject '6/6/06' can possibly lead to terminal squicking. This LJ claims no responsibility.

Assume everything from this challenge is NC-17. Because it is.

FMA. Al/Ed. ~750 words. )

FFX. Jecht/Tidus. ~560 words. )


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