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If you're looking for my fic, the tags at the end of this entry will take you to pretty much everything I've ever written. If it's not there, it's at Idle Hands. I hope.

Rufus/Reno, Farther than Guns:
Modern World
Edge of Charm
Catch the Sun
Stark Pretty
Obstacle 1
No Authority
The Latest Toughs
-Skipping out on the Midwinter party (gloryhole), evil twin.
-Sparks Are Gonna Fly (sloppy seconds), evil twin; include flashbacks to First Time.
-Apocalypse (object insertion), evil twin.
-Reno and Rude at the Bee, evil twin.
-Rufus and Tseng at Gold Saucer, me.
-Post-apocalypse, me.
-Giving gifts, evil twin.
-Creme Caramel (double penetration), evil twin.
-Fire from Water, me.
-Misadventures in dating, me.
-Reno and Rude on the job, me.
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I have this nigh-uncontrollable urge to fling these ficlets-I-mean-drabbles at people. I mean, I'm down to three two left to write. Two. I'm going to go out on a limb and say they're not stellar, hours-and-hours put into them, but I've got time for that. What I don't have is a handy evil twin who has time to beta and cheer enthusiastically at me.

Would it be really so horrible if I snuck just one in a post? I mean, so really very horrible?

Instead, have two short ficlet-type things that are a) sadly un-porny, b) afflicted with a startling case of bad humour and c) stuck with titles that make me giggle like a two year old. If you happen to see glaring typos, please to be letting me know, as I can't beta my own work to save my life, and the aforementioned evil twin has the unfortunate audacity to be studiously planning her prosperous future instead of being ever-faithfully at my beck and call.

...see, see? I only like to think I'm funny.

Roy makes me abuse italics.

Beer Goggles
FF1. Red Mage/Black Mage. R. ~300 words. Because she sketched this out for me in record time.
Somewhere near the bottom of Red Mage's second cup of ale, this seemed like a fantastic idea.

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One of Those Days
FMA. Roy/Hughes/Gracia. R. ~550 words.
Perhaps Wednesdays could be salvaged after all.

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It kills.

Jun. 16th, 2006 03:13 pm
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The evil twin attempted to beta, but the sheer amount of cute undoes her. Which makes me giggle. ...laugh, I mean. Laugh.

For [ profile] windandwater, who asked for Ed/Al shota, with raiding mommy's closet.

Surgeon General's Warning: Reading anything that contains the subject '6/6/06' can possibly lead to terminal squicking. This LJ claims no responsibility.

FMA. Ed/Al. ~1500 words. )
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Honestly. Absolutely impossible. I have two (two!) done, and they're about 1300 words combined. Drabbles, my (numb) ass.

Without my desk and comfy chair, writing is somewhat - and by somewhat, I mean majorly - uncomfortable. Keyboard-on-lap and ass-on-floor is good for awhile. And then things start to go numb and suddenly Reno and Rude screwing the life out of Rufus just isn't enough.

...which makes me sad, because guh.

But here, have what I managed so far. For [ profile] peach_ponta, who wanted seme!Al and ended up with slightly-unhinged!Al, and for the evil twin, who talks about this kinda thing daily and I just needed an excuse to post.

Surgeon General's Warning: Reading anything that contains the subject '6/6/06' can possibly lead to terminal squicking. This LJ claims no responsibility.

Assume everything from this challenge is NC-17. Because it is.

FMA. Al/Ed. ~750 words. )

FFX. Jecht/Tidus. ~560 words. )
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I'm sure there're a billion other things I could be doing, but no. I have to reread Utopia for the umpteenth time. The next time a professor asks me my version of a utopia, I'm going to give lots and lots of details. Right down to the comestains.

In other news, look, FMA! Poor FMA, it's been so long. And Greed/Envy, to boot. Evil twin's fault. I am obviously a subservient entity and therefore completely not responsible for my actions.

No Apologies
FMA. Greed/Envy. NC-17. 600 words.
Either his name was made for him or he was made for his name.

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Mar. 12th, 2006 07:08 pm
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I blame the evil twin for every last bit of fluff here, too. And the weather. It's still freakin' snowing.

I still fail on feedback type things. ._. Between school and work and actually writing, about all I have time for is to read comments, bask in the glow, and then rush off to the next crisis. But the glow is the important part, right? Right? Right?

In Good Company
FMA. Hughes/Roy. G. 300 words.
Hughes and Roy and too much snow.

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Things Fade
FF7. Cid/Vincent. R. 300 words.
He supposes that's what makes him so hungry for it.

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I fail horribly at replying to feedback. I run to the computer to slap up fic, I run away to work, or work, or work, or maybe work. Augh. Please to be giving me my internets back.

For [ profile] stagesoflove, ostensibly co-authored with [ profile] ponderosa121, but let's be honest here. She pretty much did all the work on this set, I just helped hash out ideas and made excited noises. And really. You think I could come up with all this fluff on my own?

Just so you know, the five stages are: attraction, romance, passion, intimacy, and commitment.

p.s. [ profile] cynbaby, know I saw something there about snagging one of the FF for BND. Go ahead and grab any of the video game stuff that I do on my own that you'd like, just whap me in a comment and let me know. :3

Chroma Key Blue
FMA. Hughes/Roy. PG-13. 5 x 100 words. Co-authored with [ profile] ponderosa121.

1. Misconception )

2. Misadventure )

3. Misconduct )

4. Mistrust )

5. Misunderstanding )
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Dear [ profile] windsorblue,

Have a piece of fluffy cake. Or two.

B and the evil twin.

[Since someone is at work, guess who gets to log in to unlock this. Ahahah. Also, I got to give it a dopey title. Dopey title for the win! We <3 you, Windsor.]

Keeping a Good Man Down
FMA. Hughes, Gracia, Riza and Roy. G. ~500 words.
Sometimes, it's just so hard to get a break.

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