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The evil twin didn't actually help me co-write this one (though as always, she is my wonderfully beleaguered beta), but she shamelessly encouraged my smush so she gets half blame-credit anyway. Oh my god, my mush is so showing. AND IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. :x Healthy relationships for the win?

Also, I woke up stupidly early this morning. I feel very @_@.

Gay Hollywood Life Partner, Whatever
Actor RPS. Robert Downey Jr./Jude Law, Robert Downey Jr./Susan Downey. NC-17. ~8500 words (wot). Poly.
Of course being fucked by Robert is exactly like being his friend.

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A Tendency Towards
Actor RPS. Liev Schreiber/Hugh Jackman. NC-17. ~3300 words. Implied poly. For 'deepthroating' on my [community profile] kink_bingo card (four spaces left to go to blackout, omg!).
That was the thing about being woken up by Hugh. It was being woken up by Hugh.

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I have a new fandom. It's called Robert Downey god damn motherfucking Jr.

The Whole Package
Actor RPS. Robert Downey Jr./Hugh Jackman. NC-17. ~2100 words. Implied poly. Written for Porn Battle IX. A photoshoot for a movie I so very much want Marvel to make.
Hugh manages to hold it for one more click of the shutter before he grins, his entire face changing, his eyes brightening with a shine no one could fake.

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The evil twin has a crush on JDM. This is me hastening her already rapid skid down that slippery slope. >:D

Everyday Feels Like Sunday
RPS (Supernatural). Jeff/Jared/Jensen. NC-17. ~7700 words. Fisting.
There's something in hearing Jensen answer the door, welcoming Jeff into their house that makes his heartbeat skip.

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Wee, long weekend! :D

Still wallowing happily in my turkey coma. My Thanksgiving absolutely rocked, because I? I didn't have to do a damn thing except eat it. Jess and Miko tromped over yesterday and Jess did every single last bit of the cooking, and man, she makes the best spinach-thing ever. And turkey, so moist. And dessert, too--pumpkin pie! :d

I apparently should go running at some point today. I should. But I feel so la~azy. And I've got Firefly sitting out in the middle of my living room just dying to entertain me for hours and hours with space cowboy hijinks.

...this is me waiting for my running buddies to call me first. XD

And now, celebratory fic! Which has nothing to do with Thanksgiving and everything to do with getting this horrible urge to have sex in the Cactus Club bathroom out of my system. Quickie vicarious porn for the win. Thankies go out to my two volunteer victims betas. All leftover mistakes are mine because the tryptophan got me. :3

[edit] My founder of the feast mentions that I should mention how, and I quote, 'ALL OF THIS IS TOTALLY REAL EXCEPT THE FACT THAT JENSEN AND JARED HAD SEX IN THIS BATHROOM (though maybe they did).' And she's quite right. XD

Seventeen Dirty Magazines
RPS (Supernatural). Jensen/Jared. NC-17. ~3200 words. Shamelessly self-indulgent.
But really, when he thinks about it, Jensen's not sure how the hell Jared does it.

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We went to the Cactus Club last night to celebrate my quarter-centennial. And sorta like Jared, the only thing I can think is hey, I can rent a car on my own now, SCORE.

But, see. The Club. Has the bestest bathrooms ever. Like, seriously. I know you people down in LA or whatever are going to scoff at the awesomeness of the Club's bathrooms, but. There are leather couches and LCD televisions set into the walls, the stalls are like, five by five with floor to ceiling clouded glass walls that are freakin' backlit, so if someone is only a couple of inches from the glass, you can see their shadow.

These bathrooms? Were made to have sex in.

And I sorta kinda maybe really like burning want to write a fic where Jared has Jensen shoved up against the inside of one of those stalls and is just going to town on him.


[edit] Aha. 2k in. Anybody want to offer themselves up as a beta? XD
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So, two betas (the lovely [ profile] dragyn and [ profile] miko_no_da) and a whole lotta love nail-biting later, I have fic. RPS fic. OMG, I KNOW. IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT (and I feel fine~).

Anyway. Because I'm a self-indulgent dork and it's Bring Back the Porn Day. :D

and if i don't make it known
RPS (Supernatural). Jensen/Jared. NC-17. ~6600 (freakin') words.
Jensen has the feeling that confronted with Jared's endless stream of remarkably unsubtle innuendo, Dean would do one of three things.

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So. I might've maybe finally succumbed to the inevitable and started writing J2. Whoever said SPN fandom is like being roofied was totally not joking. But aside from the issue where I'm going to have to track someone down to victimise for a beta, I've got a much larger problem.

I have no idea how I want the sex to go. D:

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