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Icon relevant. Replace with Yuri/Joachim.

Speaking with Gods
Shadow Hearts Covenant. Kurando(Jutendouji)/Yuri. R. ~2000 words. For [personal profile] white_aster in [community profile] newgameplus. Best challenge EVAR. \o/
It wasn't the pub's noise that bothered Kurando. It was the noise inside his head.

Read me. )
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If you're looking for my fic, the tags at the end of this entry will take you to pretty much everything I've ever written. If it's not there, it's at Idle Hands. I hope.

Rufus/Reno, Farther than Guns:
Modern World
Edge of Charm
Catch the Sun
Stark Pretty
Obstacle 1
No Authority
The Latest Toughs
-Skipping out on the Midwinter party (gloryhole), evil twin.
-Sparks Are Gonna Fly (sloppy seconds), evil twin; include flashbacks to First Time.
-Apocalypse (object insertion), evil twin.
-Reno and Rude at the Bee, evil twin.
-Rufus and Tseng at Gold Saucer, me.
-Post-apocalypse, me.
-Giving gifts, evil twin.
-Creme Caramel (double penetration), evil twin.
-Fire from Water, me.
-Misadventures in dating, me.
-Reno and Rude on the job, me.
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In a state of absolute panic, entirely forgetting we now have an electric timer and I actually set the damn thing, I just tore through the apartment to get to the kitchen and rescue my leftover pizza from burning.

I forgot to put it in the oven. Har.

Here, have some ficlets! The ones that hit me right away from the prompts yesterday. Mad throbbing <3 to everyone, because the ones I didn't get to will entertain me today. :D The evil twin is still unavailable for beta, so, um, glaring mistakes, please to be letting me know.

It feels odd to be posting things without titles. Not really worksafe.

For [ profile] 0x: SH1, Keith and Yuri, hunger.
On the far side of the old library... )

For [ profile] morningxstorm: SH2, Nicolai and Yuri, something with balance of dark and light or contrasts, balance of power/power struggle. Spoilers.
Yuri's used to waking up facedown in the middle of the Graveyard. )

For [ profile] moffit and [ profile] dr_schreaber, because they perved over the same idea: FF7, Reno/Rude, (Rufus/Reno), Rude is somehow is the reason Reno gets in trouble with the higher-ups.
Rude is a calm, level-headed sort of hitman. )

And finally, because [ profile] windsorblue is bonkers: FF7/Smokin' Aces, Ivy/Rude/Reno.
Reno thinks about all the reasons why. )


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