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Cherry Bomb
Supernatural. Sam/Dean. R. ~800 words. Hooker!fic.
The first year of college, Sam figured out there were just some things you couldn't run from.

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One Minute Promises
Supernatural. Sam/Dean. NC-17. ~300 words. In response to the blindfold_spn request for Sam/Dean in Playthings, episode 2.11.
One minute, he's promising a wasted Sam, Yeah, sure, no problem and the next-

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Slip me another
Supernatural. Sam/Dean. NC-17. ~400 words. A blindfold_spn request for one of the boys drunk/drugged.
Dean should be shot.

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So my grand total for things witten in blindfold_spn is 25k in 28 assorted fics and ficlets. It's going to take me a long, long time to claim all those. XD

What I'm really happy about is how freeing it was. And I don't mean kink-wise, I don't have any shame anyway. I mean as a writer, just picking a prompt, putting down whatever comes to mind and not worrying so much over structure, flow and readability (though I did that a lot, too). For me it turned into an exercise of what I can do, what I can't do, how quickly can I do it and how do I draw the reader into a snapshot moment.

They weren't all successful. That's totally not the point.

My only question is: When's the next one? XD

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