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If you're looking for my fic, the tags at the end of this entry will take you to pretty much everything I've ever written. If it's not there, it's at Idle Hands. I hope.

Rufus/Reno, Farther than Guns:
Modern World
Edge of Charm
Catch the Sun
Stark Pretty
Obstacle 1
No Authority
The Latest Toughs
-Skipping out on the Midwinter party (gloryhole), evil twin.
-Sparks Are Gonna Fly (sloppy seconds), evil twin; include flashbacks to First Time.
-Apocalypse (object insertion), evil twin.
-Reno and Rude at the Bee, evil twin.
-Rufus and Tseng at Gold Saucer, me.
-Post-apocalypse, me.
-Giving gifts, evil twin.
-Creme Caramel (double penetration), evil twin.
-Fire from Water, me.
-Misadventures in dating, me.
-Reno and Rude on the job, me.

A thing.

Mar. 1st, 2006 06:48 pm
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Just so everyone knows, reading Milton makes me want to write fallen angel sex. It really, really does.

So! On to the point. My write has broken. My smut is working fine, but you know that headspace you get into when you're building a world, that same one a really good book drags you to? Can't get into it for longer than about, oh, two and a half minutes. Is very annoying. Obviously, I've been eating way too many monsters lately.

A ficlet type thing for the whopping five people (six if you include Roomie) I know of who've ever even heard of this game, let alone played it. If you're going to click on the link anyway, and you don't have a clue what Digital Devil Saga is about, here's your warning: You become demons and you eat people (who, just to add the nice cannibalism touch, are also demons). It's gory. It's very, very fucked up in a way that makes my toes curl.

And this is untitled because I'm a) possibly going to turn this into something longer at some point, b) I'm lazy, and c) the evil twin only had a chance to do a beta for me, and ran away before I could make her think of one.

Ritual Noise
DDS. Heat/Serph. R. ~800 words. Gore.
Heat remembers hating spiders, but he doesn't know what they look like.

Read me. )


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