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The unthinkable, the UNBELIEVABLE, has happened: I have too many shoes. So after four years of trying, I'm finally purging my collection. (I've worked in retail for ~10yrs, omg so many shoes.) I'm probably going to add new shoes to this weekly, since I cling to my shoes with clawed hands of consumer desperation and there are tons and tons to go through.

ETA: Some of you know I broke my foot last year in a work accident. Since then, I've had horrible chronic foot pain that won't go away no matter what physio or shoes I wear, so I caved and had stupidly expensive yet omg full of such relief orthotics made. The huge downside here is that they don't fit pretty much 2/3 of my collection, so the purge has become ridiculously necessary.

All comments are screened, so if there is a shoe you want, you can leave its number/name, your email address AND physical address so I can email you a shipping quote. If you want more than one, we can talk discount! I am flexible, yo.

If the box is pictured, you'll get that too, unless you tell me otherwise! Sizes range from 7-10! (Selling some of Roomie's for her at the same time.)

PS If you have questions about fit/comfort/material/fitting aids (of course I have half insoles and heel grips and EVERYTHING) just ask! Shoe sizes are like clothing sizes: more like guidelines. :3

Pics, prices, and helpful descriptions beneath the cut! )
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Break foot - check!
Finish gay historical romance using paid time off - check!
Freak the fuck out about publishing it - FUCKIN CHECK
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If for some bizarre and strange reason you would like to hear me ramble nonsensicially about semi-bandom related stuffs, here you go! I sorta totally completely fail on the whole bandom part though, and like, yeah. It's random fandom babbly sometimes. Oh well.

Technically, I was supposed to answer these questions! )Which I kinda sorta maybe mostly did? I think?


bandommemefinsalish by bluesoaring

ps. yes yes, wife, i know, IT WAS EARLY.


Aug. 27th, 2010 11:13 am
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Did not land new job. Which is okay considering I hadn't planned on moving in that direction yet and it was slightly outside my ideal career. But poo anyway. I had very happy thoughts for awhile there.

It was awesome to land the interview, though. That is a step in the very right direction, oh yeah. Thank you guys for all the well-wishes!

And now, back to your irregularly scheduled porn. :D
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[personal profile] rivers_bend is doing an amazingly good job of sucking me straight into Adam Lambert fandom, because there is:

a) the extremely pliant Tommy who enjoys
b) Adam tugging on his hair
c) and grabbing his throat
d) and then full out tongue-fucking him
e) so much that his knees buckle

And I realise that I am slightly late to this party, but now I would like to write fic where what Adam and Tommy do to Tommy's bass on stage is actually a very thin metaphor for what really should be happening to Tommy's dick right then.

I was up VERY LATE last night watching endless YouTube vids of this omg. Post has good english yes.
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Because Batman is lurking?

I'd forgotten how annoying it is applying to certificate programs. A statement, seriously? Just take my money and give me my overpriced piece of paper. On the other hand at least I feel productive. My write seems to be on strike again, which I think has something to do with either:

a) waiting to hear back from hiring department at possible new job,
b) working full time hours while manager type person is on vacation,
c) my [community profile] kink_bingo bingo hovering between done and not-done and
d) the super zomg heavy blanket of smoke sitting over the lower mainland from all the bloody wildfires. There's been this creepy apocalyptic orange haze over the sun for the last few days now. The forecast says it'll rain this weekend, and I really hope it does. My lungs are so irritated. Stupid asthma. Stupid phlegm. I saw two ambulances on my way to and from work yesterday, one zipping along and the other parked on the side of the road giving oxygen. Talk about bizarre.

Or y'know, all of it. *hands*
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New job has been officially applied for! [profile] ponderosa121 pulled some seriously shiny stuff out of her butt to help me impress potential employers (I was impressed). And I have been flooded with good wishes which is AWESOME and has given me permanent :D face. I'll be hearing back from them over the next few days. So nerve-wracking.

With all the extra hours I've been working and the sudden zomgJOB thing, I haven't done any writing at all in a week. Now I'm sitting here poking at docs wondering what the heck this writing thing is.

Today should be gratuitous porn day. This shall be my goal.

I got up at 6. I am so fsking wired. @_@
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And now I have reached the point where I am too tired to go to bed. WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN.
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I meant to rec this months ago when it came out, and since my thinky thoughts yesterday have reminded me about it, the movie Gunless (trailer on YouTube!) is so very distinctly Canadian. Starring Paul Gross (the lovable Mountie from Due South), it's a film that combines a handful of genres but isn't really any more one than the other; it's a film that's a cliche about cliches; it's a film that pokes fun at its subject matter while poking fun at itself for poking fun at its subject matter while poking fun at the people who don't know what the heck it's poking fun at, or even that it's poking fun at anything at all.

The premise is your basic fish out of water trope. An American gunslinger finds his way to a Canadian border town, tongue-in-cheek whackiness and naval-gazing ensues. If you like a bit more meat to go in with, this review sums it up excellently:

Take a blender: add two parts CBC-style comedy, one part spaghetti Western, one part History Bites, a dash of Joss Whedon’s Firefly, a sprinkle of Hot Fuzz and you get Gunless.

Must be viewed with sense of humour fully intact.

To anybody who actually watches it, COME TALK TO ME ABOUT IT. :D
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Part time customer service job is surprisingly refreshing! But I think the most interesting part of it so far is dealing with my two twenty-something coworkers. One actually didn't realise ('realise' meaning probably knew, but never really thought about it before, in the same way you don't realise you're breathing) that Canada was a monarchy. I'm not really sure how that happened. I mean, wouldn't you wonder who that chick with the crown is on the back of all our coins? (For those curious, Canada is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary democracy. Badum ching.)

But this led to a very interesting and ongoing discussion about what Canada is in all things. And now, some ramble about that. )

Peter and Neal icon related? IT MAY BE.

Oh my god.

Jul. 7th, 2010 09:41 am
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HOT hot hot hooooot. 30C/86F might not be hot for some of you but oh my god, I am MELTING. Biggest downfall of the day: cannot wear only underwear to work.

Hot hot hothothot hooooot so hot hot. x_x Heatwave go away now.
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Boy, is it hot. Hot hot hot. So incredibly hot. But sitting around in my underwear writing porn is perhaps a level of tacky I should've avoided sinking to.

Hooooooot so hot.
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Working full time plus classes part time equals I haven't written anything for a week and I'm going into such WITHDRAWAL OMG. I'm midstream in a Victor/Daken canon mashup, I've got a Logan/Tony a la IM2 in the works, I've got a Daken/Logan gnawing on my brain, Tony is still making eyes at Optimus, and I'm pretty sure Holmes is going to blow something up soon if he doesn't get laid and OMFG.

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-I GOTS A JOB. Part-time with a nice mix of physical activity and customer service, with co-workers I'm really getting along with so far. It's a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere, where no one yells at me for being 1.5 minutes late (so obviously this means I have to be 15 mins early every day or I'll feel guilty, ahar) and no one gives me the stink eye for taking a bathroom break. I'm delighted with it. Thank you all for the well wishes. ♥ Right now I've got full time hours and classes, though, so I've missed so much that's been going on around fandom. x_x Today is catch-up day!

-Customer service = human contact, however, and I have caught a mild cold. Poo. Seems to be just a nose and throat thing right now, so I'll be cool as long as it doesn't settle into my lungs. Clearly I was not washing my hands obsessively enough.

-KITTIES. Okay, not mine, but there are kitties in the pet store at the mall, and people were all OMG YOU HAVE TO SEE THE KITTIES, but I was all, NO I'M ALLERGIC IT JUST MAKES ME SAD I CAN'T HAVE ONE. But I went to see them anyway. And OMG. There were three, right? A long hair surly one glaring from the corner while a really big short hair was pouncing on a slightly smaller short hair, who was all *ninja paw to the face!* and I kinda had a moment there where I was all holy crappers, it's LoganVictorDaken kitties! So then I watched them play for about a half hour. ^^'

-Apparently I was plagiarised, along with a whole bunch of you? The whole thing is just so wtf that I've decided that all it means is we're all terribly quotable, and if 'Being a writer is either the last incarnation before Nirvana, or punishment for being the bug that dared splatter on someone's windshield in the previous,' doesn't show up on my iGoogle quotes by this time next year, I'm going to be terribly disappointed. Terribly. Oh my.

-IRON MAN 2 OMG OMFG TONY. \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ TONY. TONY. And Rhodey! That is the awesome best friendness and chemistry I wanted to see~! :D
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I possibly have a new job! :x This is exciting and it seems like awesome place with awesome people who are very supportive of working around the classes I'm taking for my Shiny New Career. I'm doing my best to wrangle life around to where the job supporting my hobby changes to my hobby is my job. Yus.

Any warm and fuzzy thoughts, and/or not so subtle mind whomps you would like to send to the people with the power of yey/nay would be way beyond appreciated. The positive power of the internets, yo.

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There is a shocking lack of coherence in this post.

Despite being unfocused and fidgety for the last three weeks, I managed to get my [community profile] newgameplus done! \o/ And really only then because of a very kind extra day's grace that eliminated a good chunk of my ZOMGDEADLINE dread. I'm so very excited about this challenge now, because I sorta completely forgot that I get a treat too. I do this with exchanges every single time. You'd really think I'd learn.

I'm enjoying my classes! Apparently I am not so bad at this copywriting thing, which I really un-humbly expected but it's still rather nice to have confirmed. Yet again I have confirmed that going to university straight out of high school was possibly the dumbest thing I ever did. I enjoyed it, sure, and daily paw my very nice books and even use them for research quite often, and I appreciate the skills in regards to thought processes and arguments (which I really don't use in day to day interactions, oops) and time management, but Christ, those were expensive lessons. Life Plan version 4.5 is a go.

I seem to work on original stuff in fits and starts. Once I get started, that's all I do until I've written the entire first draft, or edited the second version or what have you, and then I stop cold turkey. I've reached the limit of what I can do with them on my own for now, and waiting for my very fancy Editor person to have time to poke at them is a nice break. Related to this: [personal profile] haraamis, I know I sorta kinda maybe said I'd be sending you the second complete version of Pocket, but chapter 12 is pissing me off. So. Would you like to be subjected to the incomplete version and therefore be terribly helpful? I'm possibly poking you with a stick while asking this question. :D

Etsy is still the devil. THE DEVIL.

I have new glasses! \o/ They are terribly cute. And lo, the slight blurriness of my vision is again resolved! I should really not go another five years before getting my eyes tested again.

Also, must remember to buy contacts this year. Ho ho.

REPO MEN. I'M SO GOING TO SEE IT TOMORROW. I should probably feel slightly ashamed of myself as the entire reason I'm going to see this movie is that it has Jude Law interacting with Liev Schreiber... and I want to write porn for that like omgwhoayespls. I've also completely avoided the trailer for it, as I was warned it's stupidly spoilery, so all I know about the movie is the tag line. In my shameless shallowness, that is so enough for me.

Now that I've wasted twenty minutes blabbing, maybe I'll go for another walk. So. RESTLESS. D:
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Today has involved Roomie being Upset enough to call me from her job (this... just doesn't happen. Ever. Roomie is generally so fucking zen about her job she's comatose) and me yelling at the bank for typical Bank Whatthefuckery, and then more shit happened that we're going to call That Family Thing, and I had rage. Huge amounts of rage. Like, make a giant post about the cumulative insanity of the world while taking potshots out the window and so on and so forth, etc., etc.

So I sat down in front of Watson with the intent to spew rage everywhere, gave him a little polish (he is very shiny, but tends to smudge), and suddenly everything wasn't so bad. Not awesome, but not so bad.

The moral of the story: Watson has a preternatural ability to Make Everything Okay. :D


Feb. 7th, 2010 05:39 pm
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I are getting new computer! THIS IS EXCITING. I've never owned a brand new out of the box still smells like rampant consumerism computer! A shiny new iMac for me~~!

Which means I'm retiring Sammy. This makes me feel inexplicably guilty. He is still a perfectly good little iMac, put-putting along without any troubles. I'm going to see about selling him to someone with general home computer needs, meaning hopefully some cash monies towards new computer (a shiny dual boot that I want to name Holmes (the crazy and temperamental, I mean, misunderstood, but undoubtedly useful Windows partition) and Watson (the stable, reliable and infinitely more personable Mac partition) because I am a DORK) and Sammy will continue to be useful to someone.


Sorry Sammy! D:
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On the one hand, I'm sort of disappointed that I have almost zero inclination to write fic for this series, but on the other I am SO FUCKING DELIGHTED because they give me exactly what I want every single fucking time OMG.

And now that I'm fully up to date, I WANT A NEW EP NOW YES PLS NOW NOW. \o/

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