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The unthinkable, the UNBELIEVABLE, has happened: I have too many shoes. So after four years of trying, I'm finally purging my collection. (I've worked in retail for ~10yrs, omg so many shoes.) I'm probably going to add new shoes to this weekly, since I cling to my shoes with clawed hands of consumer desperation and there are tons and tons to go through.

ETA: Some of you know I broke my foot last year in a work accident. Since then, I've had horrible chronic foot pain that won't go away no matter what physio or shoes I wear, so I caved and had stupidly expensive yet omg full of such relief orthotics made. The huge downside here is that they don't fit pretty much 2/3 of my collection, so the purge has become ridiculously necessary.

All comments are screened, so if there is a shoe you want, you can leave its number/name, your email address AND physical address so I can email you a shipping quote. If you want more than one, we can talk discount! I am flexible, yo.

If the box is pictured, you'll get that too, unless you tell me otherwise! Sizes range from 7-10! (Selling some of Roomie's for her at the same time.)

PS If you have questions about fit/comfort/material/fitting aids (of course I have half insoles and heel grips and EVERYTHING) just ask! Shoe sizes are like clothing sizes: more like guidelines. :3

1. Snake $50

Image Hosted by

Geox. 7 US. Powder blue sneaker, mix of tumbled leather and seude. I got these to go with white or really light coloured beige pants, because I just really liked it, okay. Narrow through toe. Worn ~5 times.

2. Olivia $65

Image Hosted by

Geox. 7 US but! MISMATE: Right 8/Left 7, extra insole included in 8 to make it fit like 7. It worked for me and meant I got them for less than $300 bucks, which yay. Black tumbled leather. Comes with ribbon laces and dress laces. Wider fit. Worn ~5 times.

3. Roxy $50

Image Hosted by

Geox. 7.5 US. Black lamb leather (ridiculously soft), slight spring/bounce to the wedge when walking (this is a thing with Geox wedges, I've found). ~2inch wedge. Wider fit. Worn ~15 times.

4. Senda A $50

Image Hosted by

Geox. 8 US. Aquamarine mocassin, patent leather. One of the more comfortable patent leathers I've worn, and I love the sole--it's this weird rubber foamy fusion thing with good firm support but still kinda had give, idk how that works, but it was pretty awesome. Average fit. Worn ~15 times.

5. Piumabal $40

Image Hosted by

Geox. 8 US. Black leather with elastic gusset, patent toe. Average fit. Worn ~15 times.

6. Panama $55

Image Hosted by

Geox. 8 US. Deep burgundy patent leather, ~2 inch wedge. Average fit. Worn ~5 times.

7. Lindsey (one) $20

Geox. 8 US. Black suede with sequins (SEQUINS, OKAY). Average fit. Worn ~3 months (so well-worn, but with lots of life left).

8. Lindsey (two) $50

Geox. 8 US. Black suede with sequins (I really loved this shoe). Average fit. Worn ~20 times.

9. Jocker $45

Image Hosted by

Geox. 8 US. Riot of many colours, mix of tumbled leather and mesh. Wider fit. Worn ~10 times.

10. Illusion $60

Geox. 8 US. Delicious mix of burgundy and blue, tumbled leather and patent accents. Someone actually offered to buy these shoes off my feet while I was freakin' wearing them, I kid you not. Wedge is super springy, which I loved. ~2inch wedge. Average fit. Worn ~5 times.

11. Eletta Black $40

Image Hosted by

Geox. 8 US. Black brushed leather (aka super smooth tumbled leather but not patent-shiny, and not suede-soft). Wider fit. Worn ~1.5 months.

12. Eletta Teal $40

Image Hosted by

Geox. 8 US. Deep teal suede with patent toe/trim. Wider fit. Worn ~1.5 months.

13. Alyssia $60

Image Hosted by

Geox. 8 US. Black goat suede, 3 inch platform wedge. Wedge is narrower on bottom, and did some seriously amazing things to perk up my ass. Average fit. Worn ~5 times.

14. Alyssia Bootie $60

Image Hosted by

Geox. 8 US. Black goat suede, 3 inch platform wedge, inside zip. Ditto on making my ass all perky and awesome. Average fit. Worn ~5 times.

15. Simon $60

Image Hosted by

Geox. 8 US. WATERPROOF (for actual reals, it kept my feet toasty dry in the middle of a rainsnowrain storm). Mesh upper with wool and nubuck accents (no, water doesn't hurt the nubuck at all). Average fit. Worn ~5 times.

16. Temple $50

Image Hosted by

Geox. 8.5 US. Light taupe suede. Totally rocked these with a distressed skirt, and look super cute with skinny jeans. Narrow through toe. Worn ~5 times.

17. Billie $50

Image Hosted by

Geox. 10 US. Black suede with crepe-like (it's another rubber fusion thing, looks just like crepe but is way, way more durable) heel, ~1.5 inch. Average fit. Worn ~10 times.

18. Venezia $70

Image Hosted by

College. 9.5 US. Waterproof brown suede, ~2 inch heel. Average fit (says Roomie) even though it's marked as wide. Worn ~5 times.

19. Sophie $25

Image Hosted by

Naturalizer. 9 US. Canvas espadrille (woven rope sole). Average fit. Unworn.

20. American Eagle $15

Image Hosted by

American Eagle. 8.5 US. Canvas upper, ~2 inch wedge. Wider fit through toe. Worn ~5 times.

21. Dandelion $50

Image Hosted by

Geox. 8 US. Black walking sandal, adjustable back and vamp (across the top of the foot directly above the arch) straps. Worn ~5 times.

22. Footmark A $50

Image Hosted by

Geox. 8 US. Off-white/cream walking sandal with slight seen to leather, adjustable back strap. Worn ~5 times.

22. Footmark C $50

Image Hosted by

Geox. 8 US. Off-white/cream walking sandal, adjustable ankle strap. Worn ~5 times.

22. Senda S $50

Image Hosted by

Geox. 8 US. Pewter moccasin with thick rubber sole. Worn ~10 times.
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