May. 13th, 2013

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The unthinkable, the UNBELIEVABLE, has happened: I have too many shoes. So after four years of trying, I'm finally purging my collection. (I've worked in retail for ~10yrs, omg so many shoes.) I'm probably going to add new shoes to this weekly, since I cling to my shoes with clawed hands of consumer desperation and there are tons and tons to go through.

ETA: Some of you know I broke my foot last year in a work accident. Since then, I've had horrible chronic foot pain that won't go away no matter what physio or shoes I wear, so I caved and had stupidly expensive yet omg full of such relief orthotics made. The huge downside here is that they don't fit pretty much 2/3 of my collection, so the purge has become ridiculously necessary.

All comments are screened, so if there is a shoe you want, you can leave its number/name, your email address AND physical address so I can email you a shipping quote. If you want more than one, we can talk discount! I am flexible, yo.

If the box is pictured, you'll get that too, unless you tell me otherwise! Sizes range from 7-10! (Selling some of Roomie's for her at the same time.)

PS If you have questions about fit/comfort/material/fitting aids (of course I have half insoles and heel grips and EVERYTHING) just ask! Shoe sizes are like clothing sizes: more like guidelines. :3

Pics, prices, and helpful descriptions beneath the cut! )


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