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Alright, fine. I'll find some Teen Wolf icons already.

[personal profile] ponderosa and [personal profile] rivers_bend are my heroes.

Cookies and Wet Cat
Teen Wolf. Scott McCall/Stiles Stilinski. NC-17. ~4000 words. BFFs 4eva. Post episode S3EP03: Fireflies.
Stiles has seen Scott at his craziest, and while this doesn’t look like that brand of crazy, Scott is still in the middle of taking his clothes off.

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I'm going to have to give in and get some icons, aren't I.

Happy only-slightly-belated birthday to [personal profile] ponderosa (who provides most excellent titles). Mwah!

Roadside Assistance
Teen Wolf. Scott McCall/Stiles Stilinski. NC-17. ~3700 words. BFFs. Blanket!fic.
"Ow, okay, what part of ow are you not getting? God, is this how you cuddle?"

"I'm not trying to cuddle you," Scott says, rooting determinedly around. "I'm trying to keep you warm."

Stiles gives him a long look. A really, really long one, because sometimes Scott needs the time to chug his way around to a conclusion.

"Oh," he says.

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Hi, new fandom. Hi.

Hey hey my playmate
Teen Wolf. Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski. NC-17. ~3100 words. Established relationship. Enthusiastic consent. Bestiality (of the werewolf kind). Knotting. Inspiried by this incredibly NSFW pic by Jinxii. Show You What All The Howl Is For.
Stiles is definitely a special kind of brilliant to be running around out here half-naked in the dark with a werewolf hot on his tail.

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