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-Operation Wake Up Early: Fail. Mission aborted halfway through. I DO NOT ACTUALLY NEED NINE HOURS OF SLEEP, BODY.

-The evil twin is a fic writing machine when Porn Battle rolls around. It makes me lazy. It's like, I don't need to write, she's doing it for me, why expend the extra effort when I can just kick back and enjoy? This is also sometimes my philosophy on sex. Ahar.

-I have never had a character as FUSSY as JUDE LAW in my head. I wanted to write quick and dirty porn. RDJ is all THUMBS UP! and Jude is all no plot, no cock. Whut. No, seriously. WHUT.

-Editing one original novel has stalled about 20k in. This is what I get for waking up one day, saying, "Hey, I wonder if I can write a novel," and then doing so without firmly plotting what the fuck happens in it.

-I'm starting to think part time employment is harder to find than full time.

-HAVE FINALLY HEARD FROM BANK. Student loan has been increased by not-enough-but-still-scary-because-I-have-to-one-day-repay-it for the purposes of continuing education. Here's hoping a specialised diploma in something I can already pretty much do is of more use than my Bachelor's.

-Jude, seriously. Porn.


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