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Halloween's never really over. This is for [ profile] rivers_bend, because her flailing moves mountains, and fangirls. (I already did this once, but she wanted it again. And again. And probably again.) ♥

crack your body crack my mind
My Chemical Romance. Gerard/Frank. AU. Xeno. NC-17. ~4500 words.
Frank only comes out when he's alone.

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Black Market Blood
My Chemical Romance. Gerard/Frank. NC-17. ~17,000 words. Vampire AU. NOW WITH FANART BY THE INCREDIBLE [personal profile] azrabel!
Frank's so fucking freaky he's potentially wigging out a fucking vampire.

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This has been languishing on my desktop for months and months. Thank you, My Chem, for providing me with the most awesomest title ever. :D

Kiss My Battery
Iron Man (movie). Tony/Jarvis. NC-17. ~3000 words. Sorta masturbation, sorta self-cest, sorta really not.
This was the next logical step in the evolution of Iron Man, but that didn't mean he hadn't been dying to do it for years. It was one hell of a good excuse though.

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Flick of the Wrist
Bandom. Tommy Joe Ratliff/Frank Iero (with Adam/Tommy and Gerard/Frank relationshippyness). NC-17. ~9200 words. High school AU. Missing scene/sequel-type-thing to Basement Rhapsody.
Not caring one bit about how Frank's heart is trying to break through his ribs, but apparently totally into how his dick is trying to bust out of his jeans, Tommy says, "Frank likes it."

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Written way too quickly as a porny timestamp to Stranger Things Never Changed My Mind for [ profile] rivers_bend. Unf, unf, monsters.

Shadow Play
Glamdom. Adam Lambert/Tommy Joe Ratliff. AU. Xeno. NC-17. ~2500 words. Timestamp to Stranger Things Never Changed My Mind.
There's a heaviness in Adam's limbs that makes this feel like a dream, heat-hazy and unreal. As unreal as the soft click of claws on tile. His eyes slip shut as he smiles. "I was wondering when you'd find me."

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Like, Gerard, all, peep peep here I am! And Frank in his ridiculous DAD outfit with his happy face of PURE EVIL, THAT IS THE FACE OF EVIL, and Ray all, it's cool, I'll hold him down so you can snap a photo :) and Mikeyway WHO LIVES IN THAT SHIRT, until as [ profile] rivers_bend said, he's wrestled out of it and into his Art is the Weapon shirt while that one is seekritly washed, and AUGH, AUGH, BAND. ♥
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This would literally not be half the story it is without [ profile] rivers_bend. Endless thanks to her for absolutely everything, and to @Quinn_ART and @Valress for helping me weed out the pesky typos that hide from me like ninja.

Like Saint Joe on the School Bus, at the end of this fic you'll find a download link for a pdf of the story (ePub to follow in the next few days) and a link to donate if you'd like to for any reason. I've been working on original novels for the last two years or so, dragging it out, but I've decided I'm putting one out next year, no more piddling around, because omg, can I freakin' piddle like a champ. (Unhousetrained pets have nothing on me, for serious.) You don't have to donate to download the pdf or the ePub; take it, share it, and I hope you enjoy!

In other news, I've totally found Dreamwidth's post limit. Crazy.

You Lack Integration and a Cheap Pursuit
Glamdom. Adam Lambert/Tommy Joe Ratliff. NC-17. ~60,000 words. Werewolf AU containing underage rebellion, sex, drugs, alcohol, and rock 'n roll.
Tommy has a plan. A very careful, weeks-long in development, not-so-shabby plan. The internet's pretty good for learning shit, but his mom's crazy, and disappointingly computer-savvy. Way more savvy than Tommy is. Tommy found out about the clubs through news articles, a few details through some message boards not filtered out by parental controls tighter than Fort fucking Knox, but not the real nitty-gritty stuff. Like if weres can smell how old you are.

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From one filthy pervert to another. ♥ (Tommy, this is what happens when you post pictures of yourself taking a leak on the internet.)

Push My Button, Going Down
Glamdom. Adam Lambert/Tommy Joe Ratliff. NC-17. ~5200 words. Desperation play and intimacy kink.
It's a special kind of sleaze who gets off on something like their friend being a squirmy little shit who won't just go to the fucking bathroom already.

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I'M GOING TO DIE LIVING WITH MY PARENTS FOR THREE WEEKS. DIE. I am woebegone and dramatic. (Blame Gerard.)

Off the Menu
Glamdom. Adam Lambert/Tommy Joe Ratliff. NC-17. ~2600 words. Porny werefic coda to Skin This Cat.
It's only been a couple of weeks since Adam came snarling out of the were closet. Maybe in a few more, Tommy'll be completely used to looking down to find a snow leopard crashed in bed with him.

Maybe not.

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Some days, Adam looks like this

and it makes me write mobster AUs. Other days, Adam looks like this

and it makes me want to write Victorian steampunk AUs. But today, since Tommy so helpfully has this new ~obsession with Mad Men, it's mobster day. :D Originally posted on glam_kink, what, omg, I forgot to put it hereeeee.

Stray Cat Strut
Glamdom. Adam Lambert/Tommy Joe Ratliff. NC-17. ~2500 words. Mobster!AU.
That's some kind of divine comedic twist there, the dirty smudge of his fingerprints on Adam's soul, and St. Pete can go fuck his pearly gates, heaven is right fucking here in Adam's sweet vermouth mouth.

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Quick and dirty, yo.

Original Track: B-side
Glamdom. Adam Lambert/Tommy Joe Ratliff. NC-17. ~3400 words. Somnophilia. Sequel to Original Track Insomniac. For sleepy/unconscious on my kink_bingo card.
Adam is not obsessed. If Tommy asks for it, that's not the same thing at all as him wanting to do it.

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For [ profile] zoodlemouse13, who is as obsessed with weres as I am, and @silentdescant, who is, like, zomg. ♥

Skin This Cat
Glamdom. Adam Lambert/Tommy Joe Ratliff. NC-17. ~12,000 words. Werefic!
Summer air is close and charged in Tommy's lungs, the music is thrumming in his bones, the drums guide his heartbeat, and there's nowhere, fucking nowhere, he'd rather be than where he is, down on one knee, fingers on the frets, Adam's gaze on him crackling thunderstorm-thick.

by @QuinnAIT

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Basement Rhapsody
BANDOM, WHAT. Adam Lambert/Gerard Way/Frank Iero/Tommy Joe Ratliff (with Adam/Tommy and Gerard/Frank relationshippyness). NC-17. ~14,000 words. High school AU. Fill for 'orgies and decadence' on my kink_bingo card.
When Gerard glances up, Adam's right in front of his face, hand held out. "I'm Adam. Thanks for having us over. Are we doing it down here?"

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Many, many, unbelievable amounts of thanks to @ViewontheWorld for all her hard work on this, and to @Zoodlemouse13 and @Sulwen for test reading, and helping me weed out all those pesky typos. Though I've probably made more with endless, last-minute fiddling, oops.

Since I cave to peer pressure like a house of wet cards in an earthquake, included beneath the cut in this post you'll find a pdf and an ePub of Saint Joe (though I'm not sure how useful that is for you people with ereaders; for iPad, it works great--suggestions as to which format works better for certain readers are totally welcome), along with a link to my Paypal for you crazy, wonderful people that want to throw money at me to help me get my original stuff off the ground. I'm not really good at this sort of thing, but when people want to give you something, the polite thing to do is accept it and say thank you, so that's what I'm gonna do.

Download the story, take it, read it, pass it around, enjoy it! And if you're inclined, donate however much you like, whenever you like. I'm going to write all of you fic forever no matter what. ♥

Saint Joe on the School Bus
Glamdom. Adam Lambert/Tommy Joe Ratliff. NC-17. ~26,000 words. AU. Underage. Drugs. Alcohol. Prostitution. Sweet, glorious cliches.
Tired of being told what to do, by his parents and the nuns at school, Tommy takes to turning tricks for kicks. But when a kid named Adam, his age, hot, and so fucking sweet it hurts, finds him on his corner, Tommy finds out there's more fun to rebelling than just in pissing people off.

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Glamdom. Adam Lambert/Tommy Joe Ratliff. NC-17. ~2600 words. For this prompt on glam_kink, wherein Adam and Tommy are undead circus stars. I know. Contains consensual eroticised torture for entertainment.
Just because you're undead doesn't mean shit don't hurt. That's lesson number one.

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Thank you to @GirlPhenom for wanting this at exactly the right time. You're all going to ignore the inevitable typos in this until [personal profile] rivers_bend and I get a chance to read it over while we're not all LOLOLOLOL in one another's faces.

Show Me Where Your Dick's At
Glamdom. Tommy Joe Ratliff/Anderson Brooks. NC-17. ~5800 words. For crossdressing on my kink_bingo card.
And right now, he's so got Anderson on the brain: Anderson's pretty, pretty face, and those long, long legs, and what Anderson's hiding under that skirt.

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For [ profile] sulwen. Apparently if you've got dirty filthy kinks you really want explored, I'm am so your girl. I AM SO VERY HAPPILY YOUR GIRL.

We're Howling Forever
Glamdom. Adam Lambert/Tommy Joe Ratliff. NC-17. ~10,00 words. Werewolves, knotting, bottom!Adam. Unfalicious fill for fisting/stretching on my kink_bingo card.
Adam's not out of tune with his body, but he's gotten so used to controlling it over the years that sometimes it takes reading Tommy's to know what his own wants.

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The grande finale for @RagMan_RIP. Beta, as always, by the most amazing [personal profile] rivers_bend, though all remaining (and inevitable) typos are mine, as her brain apparently melted. #woops

Part One: I know there's better brothers but you're the only one that's mine (Adam/Neil)
Part Two: It's a phase that I'm in (Adam/Neil)
Part Three: Man with the hex (Adam/Neil/Tommy)

This is not what you had planned
Glamdom. Adam Lambert/Neil Lambert/Tommy Joe Ratliff. NC-17. ~7600 words. Double penetration. Sibling incest.
When Tommy goes down on him with a shallow moan and Adam says, "Fuck, baby," Neil honestly doesn't know which one of them he's talking to.

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Quickie two-hour, omg-fandom-peer-pressured-me-for-porn for @FloridaMinxie's birthday. NOT EVEN PROPERLY BETA'ED, OMG. /o\

Damn You Look Good and I'm Drunk
Glamdom. Adam Lambert/Tommy Joe Ratliff. NC-17. ~2700 words. Drugs, questionable consent.
Adam's probably daydreamed about taking him all sweet and slow the same way Tommy's dreamed about this and woken up in the middle of the night hot and sweaty and so hard it hurts.

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