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This is not the icon I was looking for (but is still very appropriate). This is also not the Daddy Prime you were looking for (more like bromance SHUT UP I LIKE THAT WORD IT IS ALWAYS RELEVANT). I would sadface, but I kinda like what happened here instead, and Daddy Prime will never die (so I'll write that later). Today is a bracket day! :3

Betaed twice (thankies!), and still edited to hell and back. I figure I should try to improve a little every time I write something, drabble or epic, but omg. SO HARD SOMETIMES. Working on original stuffs has really made me aware of things I used to plod blissfully on by. On the one hand, yey, but on the other, bitchbitchwhine.

Feel How It Feels
Transformers (Bayverse). Lennox/Optimus. PG (oh, innuendo, you let me lower my rating so). ~2100 words.
But Optimus said, "That would be helpful," and a weirdly pleasant warmth spread through Lennox's gut.

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Dear god, I KNOW. Face meets palm.

In the Upright Position
Iron Man/Transformers. Tony/Starscream. PG (for metaphorical sexin). ~800 words. For round nine of IJ's porn_battle.
"I believe that was a challenge, sir."

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No. Shame. None.

Let the Good Times Roll
Transformers (movies). Sam/Bumblebee. R. ~3000 words. For 'body part fetishes (other...really other)' on my card from [community profile] kink_bingo.
Sam thumps his forehead with his fist. "Should've bought the Fiesta. It had racing stripes."

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