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If you're looking for my fic, the tags at the end of this entry will take you to pretty much everything I've ever written. If it's not there, it's at Idle Hands. I hope.

Rufus/Reno, Farther than Guns:
Modern World
Edge of Charm
Catch the Sun
Stark Pretty
Obstacle 1
No Authority
The Latest Toughs
-Skipping out on the Midwinter party (gloryhole), evil twin.
-Sparks Are Gonna Fly (sloppy seconds), evil twin; include flashbacks to First Time.
-Apocalypse (object insertion), evil twin.
-Reno and Rude at the Bee, evil twin.
-Rufus and Tseng at Gold Saucer, me.
-Post-apocalypse, me.
-Giving gifts, evil twin.
-Creme Caramel (double penetration), evil twin.
-Fire from Water, me.
-Misadventures in dating, me.
-Reno and Rude on the job, me.
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But at least it looks like they fixed the leak. :D

So. It being a New Year and all, I decided to tidy up my site. ...and found out it's been a year since I updated it last. Ahar. Oops. [ profile] ponderosa121, going to need your help on getting Armageddon Days up there, since I have no idea what to do with the sketches.

I totally forgot about the [ profile] yuletide reveal until they started popping up on my flist (obviously, I should have asked for a new memory for Christmas, not new undies). But at least that gives me something to post! It is very weird for me to be all wee, posting fic. I mean, weird.

[edit] And five hours later, I know why I haven't updated my site in a year. Stupid computer, so SLOW. It doesn't appreciate me trying to listen to music during mindless coding. -_-

[more edit] ...apparently, I've been sitting on a Rufus/Reno ficlet with mako-infusion since March. I can't remember posting it. I don't seem to have posted it. ...have I posted it? o_O

FF4. Edward, Edge/Rydia. PG. ~1500 words. For [ profile] fivil, who writes some pretty tasty character introspection, so got humour instead.
Edge's gaze swung away from the door. "You're not seriously trying to distract me with talk of flowers."

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And a) I can't sleep, and b) there is supposed to be freezing rain tomorrow. I hate freezing rain. Thus, I bank on a Not Going to Class Day.

I made the mistake of asking the evil twin for more prompts, since the last batch was so fun. The count is now twenty two. My poor little yellow notepad.

04. candlestick
FF7. Rufus/Reno. PG. ~300 words. For [ profile] 30_evil_deeds.
Reno's just hanging around.

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Paid In Full
FF7. Turks/Rufus. NC-17. 200 words.
Rufus watches them work.

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FF4. Kain/Cecil. G. 100 words.
It'd been too long to remember.

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