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The evil twin didn't actually help me co-write this one (though as always, she is my wonderfully beleaguered beta), but she shamelessly encouraged my smush so she gets half blame-credit anyway. Oh my god, my mush is so showing. AND IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. :x Healthy relationships for the win?

Also, I woke up stupidly early this morning. I feel very @_@.

Gay Hollywood Life Partner, Whatever
Actor RPS. Robert Downey Jr./Jude Law, Robert Downey Jr./Susan Downey. NC-17. ~8500 words (wot). Poly.
Of course being fucked by Robert is exactly like being his friend.

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Not Quite Method
Iron Man, Actor RPS. Tony Stark/Robert Downey Jr. NC-17. ~900 words. Crossover-ish. Written for Porn Battle IX, which makes you do things you never really thought you would (and probably shouldn't).
"Bruce Wayne would've at least sent a fucking helicopter to pick me up."

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I have a new fandom. It's called Robert Downey god damn motherfucking Jr.

The Whole Package
Actor RPS. Robert Downey Jr./Hugh Jackman. NC-17. ~2100 words. Implied poly. Written for Porn Battle IX. A photoshoot for a movie I so very much want Marvel to make.
Hugh manages to hold it for one more click of the shutter before he grins, his entire face changing, his eyes brightening with a shine no one could fake.

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